Summer 2017

Summer is winding down to a close, and Emmaus is winding down some of our summer activities. Much has changed for us since spring of this year. I am pleased to announce that we have begun to sponsor our very first missionary. We have commissioned a new music leader, and we have had our third ever baptism as a church (with a few more to follow).

Months ago, our elder team was approached by one of our church members about being a missionary chaplain for the Idaho Falls Rescue Mission. As a missionary chaplain, Todd Wood (my former mentor, pictured below on the right) plans to raise missionary support from various churches around Idaho Falls and the surrounding region. Todd worked in various jobs at the Rescue Mission since September of 2015. By being a missionary at the Rescue Mission, Todd would not be on the Rescue Mission payroll, which would free up his previous salary for another staff member to do the administrative work and case management that Todd used to do. In this way, Todd would be enabled to focus more on pastoral and shepherding / discipleship of mission residents and staff and function at  the Rescue Mission out of his ministry strengths. In addition to his work at the Rescue Mission, Todd is also providing some pastoral counseling for our church members, as Todd is an ordained minister as well. If anyone is interested in supporting Todd as a missionary, feel free to contact Emmaus Road Church and send offerings or contributions directly to our church. All funds received by Emmaus for missions or for Todd Wood directly will fully go to Todd in support of his missionary endeavor at the Idaho Falls Rescue Mission.

Last month we reached out to a music leader friend in the community of Idaho Falls to ask him to be in prayer with us over our need to develop our music ministry at Emmaus. This friend, Mikey (pictured above on the Left), has been a music leader at several churches in the community over the last several years, but was looking for work as a music leader when we met with him. As our first meeting with him went on, it became very clear from the Spirit of God that rather than

Emmaus asking Mikey for help to find musicians or a music leader, the Spirit wanted Mikey to join our church as our music leader. Our elder team prayed over the possibility for several days, and Mikey and his family also prayed. After about a week of prayer and discerning the movement of the Spirit, we have officially brought Mikey on as our new music leader. Mikey is an incredibly gifted musician, but above all, he is God’s choice for music leader for Emmaus, and he deeply cares about developing and discipling a music team in alignment with our chief goal as a church to make disciples. We are overjoyed and thankful to the Lord for bringing Mikey on to our ministry team. Would you praise the Lord with us over the addition of Mikey to our team?

Last Sunday we baptized our third person since we began church services back in the fall of 2015. Interestingly enough, we have now  baptized three Daves. We first baptized Grandpa Dave in a hot-tub in January of 2016. Then we baptized a younger Dave in a hot-tub in January of 2017. Most recently, we baptized another Dave (pictured to the right) in the Snake River in Idaho Falls. Further, at Dave’s baptism this past Sunday, we extended the invitation to anyone in our community who would like to commit to following Jesus and be baptized, and we have two who are interested in being baptized during our annual church camping trip next weekend. The Lord is really moving powerfully in our congregation, and folks are beginning to walk with Jesus. Praise the Lord with us, and pray with us that He would continue to grant us favor in preaching the gospel and walking with others in discipleship to Jesus

This weekend we are planning our neighborhood VBS. Please be in prayer with us as we learn how to get “S’more” of Jesus alongside the little ones of this neighborhood community. Please pray with us over our upcoming baptisms at our church campout, and please pray with us that the Lord would continue to grant us favor in our community.


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