September 19, 2015


God is moving in our group friends. The church is growing, new people are coming every week. We are preparing to look for rental space downtown. Please be in prayer with us over locations and places to fellowship and worship in the weeks and months ahead. We are very excited to see what God is going to do among us in the coming days.

Kim has several big announcements to share tomorrow morning during church. I am not going to steal her thunder, so come tomorrow morning to worship with us at 10am and praise God for His provision. Please let us know if you need directions.

IMG_1713IMG_1716Our cookie outreach event was a tremendous success. We had over 500 cookies provided byGreat Harvest Bread Co. We  spent the first day wrapping cookies, and then our second day we delivered them. In memory of the 9/11 terror attacks on our country, our church delivered cookies and thanked our first responders. Dale and I began delivering cookies and thanking our first responders on Sep. 10th during the early morning shifts at the Police Department and Sheriff’s Office. Then, we met up with the rest of our group later in the morning, we divided our  group to cover multiple locations, and we went out into the city to say thanks to our police, sheriffs, fire fighters, paramedics, and all the administrative personnel corresponding to these first responders. We even brought bone-shaped treats for the K-9 officers. We were received well by these city, county, and state workers, and we even had an opportunity to meet our Idaho Falls mayor, Rebecca Casper. I was able to have a short conversation with her about our new church, and about our activity to say “thank you” to our city’s first responders. Overall, the event was a great opportunity for us to love our city, and to promote our new church.

This week, as we continue our 4-part introduction to the book of Deuteronomy (a survey of the four books of Genesis through Numbers), we willbe looking at the book of Leviticus. Moses’ overall message of Leviticus is: Israel must remain holy in order to continue with God’s presence in their midst. When I reflect on holiness, I recall that God’s desire for His church is holiness as well (See primarily 1 Peter 1:15).

What does holiness look like in our lives? There are no doubt many answers to this question, but I would encourage you this week to bring this question to God on your own behalf. Ask, “God, how is it that you desire me to be holy? What should I do, how should I act, what sort of person should I be?”

To be holy is to be distinct, it is to be unique in the eyes of God, it is to be set apart for His plan and purposes. I believe, for our new church, that our holiness will be reflected as we participate in caring for the needs of our city. For us, this looks like the pursuit of a space to worship in our downtown area. For me personally, holiness means to separate myself from influences that are destructive to my life and my spiritual nature. That separation is not always an easy thing, especially if that means separating yourself from certain people in your life that you have trouble letting go of or saying “goodbye” to.

There is only one way to continue with God’s presence in our midst, to be holy. I pray that you would ponder that in the days ahead, and that you would talk with God about it. See where He might be leading you in the area of your personal holiness. See also where He might be leading you to engage with His sanctification of His church in corporate holiness as well. Most importantly, give thanks to God that He sent His son Jesus to die a sinner’s death on your behalf, to make you holy. You are holy, if you are washed by the blood of Jesus. Now ask God how you may reflect that reality in your life today.

Blessings friends,



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