June 2016

We have had a whirlwind of activity the past few months. May was busy for me personally. While I finished my requirements for my ThM degree in April, I was informed in May that I won a Talbot award. So, Kim and I flew out to SoCal for a few days to attend the award ceremony. I received the Talbot and Zondervan award for an outstanding Master Thesis. I am so thankful and humbled to have received the award, but I am also excited to share my thesis with anyone interested in studying the Old Testament to learn better how to follow Jesus. If anyone is interested in reading the thesis (Discipleship in Deuteronomy), and you have not yet received a digital copy of it, please respond to my e-mail and let me know, and I would be happy to send you a copy.

After the Award ceremony, Kim and I flew back out to SoCal for graduation. It was such a great time to finally recognize the completion of my time and my studies at Talbot. I am thankful and appreciative for all the hard work my professors put in to teach me, and now I am excited to pass on some of that zeal on to our church members, and to whoever else is interested to visit us.

IMG_4287We are now mostly through the month of June, and our biggest activities of the month have been to help the city of Idaho Falls to plant some flower boxes on Broadway. This activity has been fun, but it has
also been a way that our church can give back to the city, and to be good neighbors.

This week, we are celebrating our one year birthday as a church. It seems fitting also, as
the Jewish feast of Pentecost this year was June 11th to the 13th. So, just as many Christians celebrated the birth of the church this summer, we are celebrating our first birthday this week.

Remembering the time that we began, and our first year brings back many memories to me personally. We started as such a small group (4 people), and now the Lord has grown us to 20(ish) people. As we grow, weare learning how to love one another better, how to serve together, and I am absolutely thrilled to see what God is going to do with us as we head into our next year.

Thinking of the things that we celebrate, and the reasons why we celebrate brings me back to the passage we studied in church yesterday. We took a look at the Feasts of YHWH in Deuteronomy 16:9-17. There, Moses encourages Israel to observe the Feast of Pentecost, and the Feast of Booths. Both Feasts recall amazing things that God did among the Israelites coming out of slavery in Egypt, and both Feasts looked forward to things tha
t God intended to do among His people in the future. I’ve already mentioned the fulfillment of Pentecost in the first century as the birth of the church (by the coming of the Holy Spirit), but as Jesus’ people, we are also anticipating a final fulfillment of Booths when Jesus comes again to finally dwell among His people (physically). Thus, it is the hope and anticipation of God’s people today to celebrate Booths by awaiting Jesus’ coming, and preaching his good news while we wait.

As Emmaus Road Church awaits Jesus’ coming, and as we preach the good news in anticipation of that event, would you pray for us? Our desire is to be God’s witnesses to the good news of His work and salvation, here in the city of Idaho Falls. As I mentioned above, we partially fulfill our purpose as we simply love one another and as we love our neighbors. Please pray with us that we would be effective in our ministry in these ways, and that little by little we would continue to show the world Jesus’ love, beginning right where we are. Thank you all for being prayer and ministry partners with us. We thank God for all of your financial and prayer support, and we are excited to continue to provide good reports in the days ahead, in our next year as a church.

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  1. Lois

    Hallelujah….wait ing with faith and excitement with you….praying….it’s not by might ..nor by power but by my spirit…
    I remember Jeni and Mark from many years ago….out of our death comes life….not our religion or our knowledge ..but our open ears and obedience….my sheep HEAR my voice…I KNOW them and they follow me….
    Gods plan for each place is unique….have fun hearing his creative voice ….LOVE……God so LOVED the world…..standing with you in faith for revival among my Maori mokopuna here on banks peninsula…the place of the worst massacre and cruelty…but birthing new life in the spirit…please join us in prayer for the …..Kaik…..church….here on the Onuku marae …down south in New Zealand….currently the little church is empty….but one by one ….

    • emmausroadluke2427@gmail.com

      we will be praying with you! Thanks for the encouragement.

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