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Reformation Celebration

October 31st, 2017 marks the 500 year anniversary of the beginning of the Protestant Reformation. On that day, Martin Luther nailed his 95 theses to the Wittenberg church door calling for a discussion of the abuses of power in the Roman Catholic church particularly regarding the sale of indulgences.

In commemoration of the event that sparked one of the most important events in history, Emmaus Road Church will celebrate by presenting a brief overview of the Reformation, life sketches of several key reformers, a spiritual devotion activity involving the “Solas” of the Reformation, some Reformation inspired singing, a German themed potluck style dinner, and a viewing of the 2003 film, “Luther.”

Join us for this Reformation Celebration, learn more about the event that changed the world, fellowship with us over dinner, and enjoy the film portraying these key events of the life of Martin Luther. The film is rated PG-13, so we will have childrens activities available. If you do plan to come, please RSVP on our Facebook Event page (here) so that we can plan for food. Thanks!




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