My name is Beau Floyd. I was born and raised in San Diego, California. In high school, I met and was greatly impacted by the Lord Jesus Christ. From the time I began following Jesus, I knew that he was calling me to be a leader in his church. That understanding of the Lord’s will for me launched me into my study of the Bible in Iowa at Emmaus Bible College, my further pursuit of biblical training at Moody Bible Institute, and eventually seminary training at Talbot School of Theology, Biola University. It has been a long road of walking with Jesus and studying his Word, but that road has now led me and my family to Idaho Falls to plant a church.

In 2007, I married my best friend, Kimberly and we have grown to a family of four. Kimberly was born and raised in Idaho Falls, and after I spent some time in the Air Force, we both felt that the Lord was calling us back to Idaho to serve Him and His church there. In 2010, I began a two-year pastoral internship at a small church in Idaho Falls. While there, we primarily worked in youth ministry and also experienced a wide variety of ministry contexts. We developed deep friendships, and the Lord grew us in our faith. All the while, I believe that the Lord was continuing to prepare me for church planting.

After I graduated from Moody Bible Institute in December of 2011, we strongly felt the Lord calling us to seminary and we landed at Talbot School of Theology in Southern California. Talbot has been an incredible journey.

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My understanding of ministry and my understanding of the Lord’s direction in my life have been under-construction during my time at Talbot. In my first semester at Talbot, the Lord began to draw me to Old Testament studies. Next, I began to study discipleship and how Jesus wants us to grow in relationship to him. Each of these focuses have culminated in my pursuit of a Master of Theology degree (Th.M.) at Talbot with an emphasis in Old Testament. I wrote my master’s thesis on the topic of discipleship in the Torah of Moses, specifically in the

book of Deuteronomy. As a result of my studies, I have grown in my faith, and I am so excited to share what I’ve learned with my fellow believers in the city of Idaho Falls, as well as teach these things to new believers.

Throughout the process of studying at Talbot, Kimberly and I have sought for the Lord to reveal His plan for us. As a result, we both believe that He directed us back to Idaho Falls to plant a church.

I know that this process of church planting is difficult, and risky, but with the Lord of the harvest walking each step with us, I know that He will bless the process. Therefore, we know that this process will be incredibly fruitful and deeply enriching to our faith and the faith of others. Please join us on this journey!