Our Mission:

The mission of Emmaus Road Church is to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ, to Love our Neighbors, and to Make Disciples of Jesus.

Our Story:

Pastor Beau grew up in San Diego California, and was called by Jesus to be a pastor shortly after he began to follow Jesus in the summer of 2001. After high school, Pastor Beau attended Bible college, served in the US Air Force, and then finished his theological studies at Talbot School of Theology in summer of 2015.

During Seminary, Pastor Beau felt called by the Lord to church plant in Idaho Falls, and he moved his family to Idaho in May of 2015. Shortly after the move, Emmaus Road Church began with core team meetings in June of 2015. We started church services in September of 2015. Today, we meet in homes for small group, and fellowship on Sunday mornings at 10am at University Place in Idaho Falls.

Our Distinctives:

Emmaus Road Church is a non-denominational church. This means that we do not belong to any denomination. We emphasize relationships rather than content or schedules. Our meetings are generally “informal,” though our meetings are designed to encounter the Almighty God and to be changed by Him. By “informal,” we simply mean that we do not have a dress code or a liturgy similar to traditional worship services. Come as you are, encounter Jesus Christ, and be changed by him!

Jesus is the Lord and Savior of a multi-ethnic and multi-generational church. Thus, Emmaus Road Church strives to “look and feel” multi-ethnic and multi-generational. We encourage a “mixed” group by keeping our children in the main worship service when they have matured enough to participate with the rest of the church. We also treat all people with love and respect due to them as a way of honoring the “divine image” inherent in every human being. We do not discriminate by age, gender, race, ethnicity, or any other label people may carry.

Our worship style is relational, dialogical, and interactive. We encourage active participation. Church is not a production, but is a meeting of God’s people for the purpose of corporately worshipping Him. We do not punish distractions (like loud or curious children), but rather show love and grace to people and allow for life to happen, even “in church.”

What We’re Up To Now:

We feel that the Lord is leading us to develop several distinct “ministries” in Idaho Falls. The Lord has put several distinct people groups on our hearts, and we have begun to develop plans to reach these various groups. As we move forward in the church plant, we will be focusing on reaching young people on the University Campus, reaching people and families with “Special Needs,” and reaching out to women and families of “Crisis Pregnancies“. We would love for you to join us in our goal to reach people in these groups, and if you’re interested in helping, we would be interested in sitting down for coffee or a meal to discuss your involvement.